So Many Possibilities with a Steel Building

Elite Contracting offers competitive steel building construction – commercial, industrial, agricultural.

Steel buildings are popular for a wide set of businesses and property owners. With a steel building:

Elite Contracting has built up a robust reputation among both business and home owners in our community. We really take pride in the real relationships that we have with our clients and would love to extend that experience to you.

steel building
steel building
new steel building

Custom Steel Building, Just the Way You Want it

Our team can create a steel building to fit all of your needs, made any way you’d like. Steel buildings are a popular way to go for many industries, and can be used for a wide variety of building solutions, like industrial sites and factories, storage or barns for farming and storefronts for retail. 

The advantages of steel buildings are how versatile, cost-effective and quick they are to construct. Plus, they’re energy efficient for heating and cooling! Getting building permits and the concrete foundation are the main expenses to consider when using steel, but the short timeframe for actual construction balances this out and you usually wind up ahead. The steel for a project is usually shipped within 6-8 weeks, depending on the quantity needed for the project design.

new steel building
steel building

Business, Storage, Barn, Factory... We Do it All

Our team will work with you to determine what we need to meet your specific goals, from new construction for a business, storage, barns or storehouses, or factory. We will meet with you to discuss your timeline, your budget, and your business. We do on site surveys to give you the most accurate quote. Our team has experience working in a wide variety of spaces on many types of projects, and we use this experience to foresee any potential hang-ups on a project and be as transparent as possible about them. We want to avoid possible delays as much as you do. Our team has you covered.

Whatever your goals, call us for a free quote. Let’s get this started today!

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