Build Your New Home

What’s better than building your own home?

You get to make everything perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and check off every one of those boxes. By designing your own home, you get to invest in your future and live your best life in the now.

Building your own home tends to be thought of as an expensive route to go, but this can actually be more cost effective. By working directly with contractors, you can:

new home construction
new home construction

Get the Right Contractor

At Elite Contracting, we put a lot of value in the relationships that we have built with clients over the years. It’s important to us to get to know homeowners so we can really work with them and build a perfect fit. We understand it’s a big decision to build your own home, and you should make sure you find the right contractor for the job. 


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There are endless horror stories about contractors that break trust, break contracts and are only in the business to make money. At Elite Contracting, we bring honesty and transparency to the table. Have a look through our testimonials and we’ll even give you our client list so you can ask about working with us. We use our years of experience on a wide variety of contracting projects to help foresee any potential hang-ups or delays early on and keep you in the loop. We want to make sure that we’re a good fit for you. Working with us, you’ll get:
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Why Work With Us?

What makes us stand out is how much these relationships mean to us. We don’t want to pressure potential clients to buy or make a sale at any cost. We want all of our projects – whether a small reno job or a new home build – to be an exciting creative endeavor for you and for us

We take pride in our craft and our skilled team. Because we spend more time than most contractors on building relationships with our clients, we have learned how to work closely with our clients, walk them through each step of the process and not bog things down with jargon. We’re happy to work through pros and cons, answer your questions and help find the best solutions just for you. It can be easy to get lost in the process or overwhelmed by all the moving parts of construction, so we work hard to keep you involved, informed and have a real part to play in bringing your dream home to life! 

New home builds are exciting for us, because each home and homeowner is different, so we get to flex our creative muscles. We would love the opportunity to welcome you into this process of building your own future.

Whether you have an exact idea of what you want, or you’re looking for inspiration, our team can help you create something that feels just right.

We offer a Free on-site consultation to get the lay of the land and discuss your unique vision. 

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