Project Management for the Bottom Line

Get it Right the First Time

It can be overwhelming to take on a construction or renovation project, but it’s our goal to make it a smooth – even enjoyable! – process.

There’s nothing like the excitement of seeing your vision for a home or business come together into a real space. Being able to see and feel the reality of your project come to life. In addition to our varied list of contracting services, Elite Contracting also handles Renovation Project Management. If you have a large-scale job with many moving parts or if you’re just not experienced with construction or renovations, having professionals look after project management will save you time and money.

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For Commercial Contracting...

Our team will take the weight off your shoulders and look after and timing and scheduling of multiple services on-site. Staying on time and on budget is important for the different trades and services needed for the project work together within a given timeframe. At Elite Contracting we have a skilled and experienced team that knows the ropes, knows the common mistakes and will see your project through, start to finish.

We understand that opening or relaunching a business is stressful and expensive. Organization is key to balancing the creativity and vision of a project with the bottom line. Elite Contracting does things right and does them right the first time.

As a business owner or manager, you have enough on your plate to keep your business running while renovations are happening. Focus on your business, let us take care of the rest.

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For Residential Contracting...

For residential spaces, we know very well how stressful and scary it is taking on large renovation or construction project on your home. It’s a big decision and it may seem like you’re getting in over your head. This is where we come in. Elite Contracting can take over the project and all of the logistics and details, while keeping you in the loop – it’s your home after all. Having an experienced team handle the management of your project means that you get to take advantage of our diverse experience and knowledge of the industry to give you the least stressful home renovation possible.

All Those Details...

We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with our clients – a lot of our work comes through recommendations from people that we’ve worked with. We’ve done project management for a variety of spaces, including homes, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, storefronts, medical buildings, even factories. We use this experience to bring the best skills, services and creativity to each project we do to create unique spaces that can best serve your family or your clients. We will meet with you to discuss your vision for the space and how we can make that happen. Then we take care of the details.

Give us a call to get started! We will meet with you in your space to help sort out budget, scope and timeline of your project.

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