Take Advantage of Your Yard with a New Deck

Our backyards are our closest connection with the great outdoors.

They let us gather with friends and family, splash around in pools, get our hands dirty in the garden or just enjoy that sun on our skin! Decks are central to getting the best out of your at-home nature experience – they’re where you set up the BBQ, patio furniture, and bond with your loved ones. More and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of being outside and realizing the potential of the perfect deck.

But decks aren’t all fun and games. Deck  renovations need to be done right the first time around, as poorly constructed decks are expensive to fix or redo. Decks also need permits to be built and a precise safety code followed. Luckily, at Elite Contracting, we have a great team of professional craftspeople who have plenty of experience building decks and other outdoor structures. While these are regular projects for us, we keep a close attention to detail and come to each job as a unique project. So let us take care of the details, so you can start filling that summer calendar!

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Expand Your Home to the Outdoors

We’ll meet with you to discuss your individual needs, including budget, timeframe and your space. Whether you want to install a new deck, focus on lots of seating, need some shade or just redo an old deck, we do it all. Our team understands the importance of staying on budget, as any renovation to your home can get costly. We work hard to keep you on budget while providing excellent service, backed by years of experience and thorough know-how of industry standards. We will work with you to create a deck that will bring your ideal outdoor experience to life, so you can make the most of the beautiful summer days that Ontario has to offer!

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