It's Time for a Beautiful Bathroom

Looking to renovate a bathroom?

Elite Contracting has you covered. Our skilled team has plenty of experience working on all layouts of bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most renovated rooms of the home, so it’s not our first job. Whether you’re looking to add a bathroom to your home, update the look, or renovate for accessibility, we’re committed to making it a smooth process.

bathroom renovation
bathroom reno

Low-Stress and Hassle-Free

We take care to make this renovation a low-stress and hassle-free one. No matter the size and scope of the project, Elite Contracting takes our clients seriously so you can be as confident in our work as we are. We’re WSIB insured, we’re experienced, and we have a creative team.

We understand the stress of hiring a contractor to work on your home, and you’re right to be cautious. That’s why we make the effort to get to know you, your unique needs and concerns. Our team keeps you involved every step of the way and works diligently to keep you on budget, on time, and excited about the final result.

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bathroom reno

Give Your Bathroom a Personalized Touch

Bathrooms are very easy rooms to customize, so we encourage you to choose your own fixtures – faucets, shower heads, and more! Once you know the look you’re going for (and yes – go ahead and browse some gorgeous bathroom inspiration online!) we can provide you with a stress-free installation process and an easy renovation experience. 

We know from experience, that by choosing your own fixtures, we can avoid reordering parts, which avoids delays in the project – plus your bathroom gets that personalized touch. It’s important for us to keep our clients involved in the project. At Elite Contracting, we value building relationships with our clients, so we can best meet all your needs. It’s important to us that get to know you. This way we can keep things on time and on budget. Whatever your goal, our team works with you to create a bathroom that suits you and your home.

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