Transform Your Basement Into More

Basements tend to be high on the list of priorities for renovation. There’s so much that can be done with a basement, whether you’re starting with a finished or unfinished one.

Elite Contracting can help you transform your home’s basement, whatever your need is – an exciting rec room, an extra bedroom for a growing family or for renting, or if it just needs to be finished or updated. This room is often first up for new home buyers to tackle. Whether you just moved in or looking to remodel, our team is excited to make your home a perfect fit.

Making Your House a Bigger Home

At Elite Contracting, we take pride in the relationships that we’ve built with our clients. We get to know many homeowners, their families, and what they need in their homes. We bring this experience with us to each new client as we get to know you. 

We don’t just try to make sales over the phone and get contracts signed asap – we take the time to do an initial home visit and meet with you so you can share your vision for the space. We want to make sure we’re the right fit for your project as much as you do. It’s a big deal to let a contractor into your home, regardless of the size of the project. By meeting in your space, we can use our experience and knowledge of the industry to anticipate any potential issues that can lead to extra costs or time – this can happen when needing to take down a wall, for example. 

This is your home and with Elite Contracting, your basement renovation can be a confident, exciting step towards achieving your dream home.

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